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Material Physical Properties

RA Tester

ABS (PDF - 15KB)

ABS is specified for vacuum formed components with low impact and high aesthetic requirements.

  HDPE (PDF - 20.7KB)

HDPE is specified for low cost, moderate impact and moderate wear applications.

Acetal (PDF - 22.2KB)

Acetal is specified for FDA compliant wear components.

  HMWPE (PDF - 16KB)

HMWPE is specified for vacuum formed and flat sheet industrial applications where high wear and high impact is required.

Cast Nylon 6 with Moly (PDF - 21.7KB)

Cast Nylon 6 with Moly is specified in high wear, non FDA applications.

  Polycarbonate (PDF - 21.3KB)

Polycarbonate is specified for see through, high impact applications.

Cast Nylon 6 (PDF - 22.2KB)

Cast Nylon 6 is specified in moderate wear applications.

  UHMW (PDF - 21.6KB)

UHMW is specified for ultra high wear and ultra high impact applications.

Extruded Nylon 66 (PDF - 22.3KB)

Extruded Nylon 66 is specified in low cost moderate wear applications.

  ULTEM (PDF - 22.3KB)

Ultem is specified for medical applications requiring high strength and rigidity at elevated temperatures.


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